A decentralized infrastructure era with Grove

Backed by thousands of independent, globally distributed nodes, Grove enables teams to deliver a multi-chain user experience at scale.

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Founders of the Pocket Network

As founders and key contributors of the Pocket Network, we are the pioneers of the decentralized infrastructure movement and are committed to building enterprise grade tools that enable the developers of today and onboards the developers of tomorrow.
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40+ Supported chains

Read and write on over 40 blockchains, including EVM, Cosmos, Solana, and others.

More than 1 billion relays per day

Grove’s mission is to provide access to decentralized infrastructure for all web3 developers. Together with the Pocket Network, Grove serves 1B+ relays with low latency and consistent uptime each day.
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Scale without trade-offs

Focus on your innovation; we'll handle the node infrastructure complexities. Grove is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline multi-chain connectivity, optimize request handling, and ensure quality of service all on a decentralized network that can handle even the most demanding traffic.

Grove is a platform that enables fast, decentralized multi-chain connectivity in under 3 minutes. Users can manage applications, endpoints, security and share access across teams.

Routing relays globally across 20,000+ nodes in order to ensure speed and efficiency isn’t easy, Grove abstracts the need to manage regions, routing, load balancing, and maximizing performance.

Grove's proprietary Node Selection Algorithm filters through the globally distributed nodes to match user location and needs, ensuring low latency and reliability.

Seamlessly connect and expand your application's capabilities with vast integrations. Grove is designed to integrate effortlessly, ensuring your product remains agile and ahead of the curve.

Build without complexity

Teams across web3 use Grove to simplify their tech stack and deliver dynamic user experiences.


We've partnered with leading RPC providers and other web3 projects to expand their chain offerings, and minimize their infrastructure cost. Our goal is to enable projects to build their own gateways and offer new services on top of Pocket Network.
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Offering seamless multi-chain integrations across 40+ blockchain networks, our RPC elevates the gaming experience in the decentralized realm.
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Wallets & Exchanges

Web3 wallets need to be able to provide their users with security, great UX, and fast transactions. Grove always delivers.
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Decentralized Finance

Seamlessly integrate with the DeFi ecosystem, from lending platforms to yield farming. Grove ensures reliable and fast data access, empowering your DeFi solutions.

Developer Tooling

We get developers want tools that help them solve the tough challenges, we know because we are them. Grove removes the need for node management while opening access to a larger community of builders.

The last RPC you'll ever need