Grove’s Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Level Agreement Last Modified: [February 28, 2024]
1. Introduction
This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is to formalize the expectations and responsibilities related to the services provided by Grove.
2. Services Covered
The services covered under this agreement include but are not limited to:

- Grove’s Portal (
- Grove’s RPC Service
3. Service Levels
3.1 Service Hours
Grove maintains the following service hours specific to the customer’s plan type.

- Starter and Auto-Scale: 12x5 Support (Weekdays), 7am - 7pm EST
- Enterprise: 24x7 Support
3.2 Uptime
The Provider agrees to maintain a minimum service uptime for the services provided during the agreed service hours.

- Starter: 99.9% Uptime
- Auto-Scale: 99.9% Uptime
- Enterprise: 99.95% Uptime

Uptime is defined as the ability to reach the Grove Portal Service and the availability of our core load balancer.

Uptime is calculated monthly as the total number of minutes for all days in the calendar month calculated as:

Total Monthly Days * 1440 Daily Minutes = Total Monthly Minutes
Unreachable Portal Minute (5XX) = 60 continuous seconds of 5XX
Uptime Minutes = Total Monthly Minutes - Unreachable Portal Minutes (5XX)
Uptime = Uptime Minutes / Total Monthly Minutes
Here is an example:

Month of January
31 Total Monthly days * 1440 Daily Minutes = 44,640 Total Monthly Minutes

- Unreachable Portal Minutes = 25
- Uptime Minutes = 44640 - 25 = 44615
- Uptime = 44615 / 44640 = 99.9439964%
3.3 Response and Resolution Time
Grove agrees to respond to any service-related inquiries or issues within a set amount of time per plan type during the agreed service hours.
Starter and Auto-Scale (Includes access to Grove Support)
24 hours
72 hours
Next business day
7 days
Enterprise (Includes access to dedicated chat channel)
1 hour
72 hours
24 hours
7 days
3.4 Issue Classification
Critical Issues: Issues incurring 5 continuous Unreachable Portal Minutes
Non-Critical: Everything else
3.5 Schedule Maintenance
Scheduled maintenance will require written communication with 7 days notice. Scheduled maintenance will be measured in minutes and will be deducted from the Total Monthly Minutes for the purposes of tabulating the Uptime value (Section 3.2).
4. Escalation Procedures
In the event that service levels are not met, the following escalation procedures will be followed:

Level 1: Notification of Grove Support
Level 2: Notification of Grove Engineering and Infrastructure Teams
Level 3: Notification of Grove COO
5. Remittances
5.1 Uptime Remittances
For each Downtime Minute, Grove will take the average Requests per Second (RPS) calculated for that whole day on which the Downtime Minute occurred and allocate that number of relays per minute to the entire set of Active Users.

Active users are defined as those who consumed the service during the same 24 hour UTC date that the Downtime Minute occurred.Remittances will be issued as a coupon code in Stripe / Discounted for Enterprise automatically. They must be redeemed by the end of the following pay period. 
Here is an example:

A typical RPS as of January 23, 2024 is ~3500 RPS. If the Grove Portal were down for 5 minutes, Grove would disseminate 3500RPS*60*5 total relays to all users, divided equally which can be claimed as a coupon code.
6. Review and Amendments
This SLA will be reviewed as needed. Any amendments to this agreement must include written notice to customers within 7 days.
7. Termination
Grove reserves the right to terminate this agreement with 7 days written notice.